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Below is a list of our recent sites. Please note that the content and pictures on these sites may have been changed by the respective owners since we built them. The screenshots provided where taken at the time of completion.

Creslow Events

Creslow Events offer stunning surroundings and a first class service for weddings and parties.

The site includes:

  • A fully managed photo gallery which can be updated by the owners at will.
  • An automatic slideshow on the front page showing off the setting at its best.
  • A Content Management System allowing Creslow Events to update the site at any time.

This design fuses simplicity with elegance and gives the user exactly what they need without overwhelming their senses.

Camira Energy

Camira Energy is a cutting edge wind turbine company supported by the University of Nottingham. This site was entered into a competition and was chosen from 74 entries to become the official website.

The site includes:

  • A fully dynamic menu bar with a slideshow and image slider.
  • An AJAX powered page loading system so that only the content of each individual page is loaded when a link is clicked. This vastly reduces loading times.
  • A very intuitive contact form and customised picture maps.
  • A comprehensive Content Management System allowing them to upload pictures and change the content of any page in their own time.

Camira Energy hope to work closely with Web Vortex in the future to maintain a very up-to-date modern website.

LAD Label

LAD Label is the official merchandiser of the popular website TrueLAD. They concentrate on selling t-shirts, hoodies and other novelty items. LAD Label needed an online shop which they could add items to in their own time.

The site includes:

  • A full online shop integrated with PayPal including an intuitive item selection panel.
  • Several custom forms with instant validation technology to automatically spot errors before the user leaves the page.
  • Facebook and Twitter links to increase social interaction and presence.

LAD Label also requested full Google Analytics integration so that they can keep track of how their visitors found the site.

Princes Risborough Young Farmers Club

Two years ago we built PRYFC's first website and when the time came that they outgrew its capabilities, they came back to us for a re-envisioning. The new site features a larger, more expandable design and many more features which members of the club can use to connect with each other.

The site includes:

  • A fully featured bespoke photo gallery with a separate login for each member of the club. This allows members to upload entire albums with ease and automatically resizes the pictures and creates thumbnails.
    • The gallery includes Facebook integration so that each album can be "liked".
  • A very easy-to-use, well placed form so that potential new members can join without even leaving the page.
  • A news system so that certain members can post bulletins about upcoming meetings.

PRYFC needed a particularly fun, interesting design because of the nature of the club.

Simon Russell School Of Motoring

Simon Russell is a driving instructor based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He had a website that had not been updated in a long time and required a new look. We completely redesigned his site from scratch and gave him advice on spreading the word through social networking.

The site includes:

  • A box which gently fades through a series of testimonials from his pupils.
  • A Twitter feed to display all his recent tweets in real-time.
  • A Facebook "Like" button which is linked to the new Facebook page which we set up for him.

Simon wanted to focus on ranking high in search engines so we concentrated on keywords and phrases throughout the site as well as other Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Wendover Theatre Society

Wendover Theatre is a family friendly amateur dramatics society based in Wendover (no surprises there). They had a temporary website based on a free template but were unhappy with the quality and wanted to expand the functionality to include videos and a picture gallery.

The site includes:

  • A quick and sleek photo gallery complete with a very intuitive uploading system which automatically resizes each image and creates a thumbnail on the fly.
  • An AJAX based sign-up form so that potential members can sign up to the email database without leaving the current page.
  • Google maps, YouTube videos, site statistics and much more!

WTS wanted to be able to make regular updates to their website so the Content Management System behind it is particularly user friendly.

Potash Farm Foods

Potash Farm Foods produce free-range chickens and turkeys on a farm in Hertfordshire. They attend farmers markets and sell through many retail outlets. They wanted to promote their business and begin to sell online.

The site includes:

  • A customisable order form for the chickens and turkeys with the option of adding more products later.
  • A fully comprehensive content management system allowing them to edit every piece of text and picture on the entire site.
  • A Google Maps application and a contact form to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact them.

Potash Farm Foods requested that they receive site statistics and an email address for the site.

Pasture Farm Plants

Pasture Farm Plants is a Longwick based plant nursery on a working family farm.

The site includes:

  • A fully customised Plant List allowing the owner to add plants with pictures and a description.
  • A frame system which dramatically decreases loading times for each page.
  • A Google Maps application which shows customers how to get to the nursery.

Pasture Farm Plants also requested that site statistics were sent to them each month.

Terrick Beef

Terrick Beef is a small company selling beef and lamb from a farm shop. Most customers pre-order the produce and almost all of this is done via the website order form.

The site includes:

  • A dynamic header which changes to a random image each time you access the site
  • A frame system which dramatically decreases loading times for each page
  • The order form itself which is sent directly to the Terrick Beef email address.

Terrick Beef also requested a content management system so that they could update their site on a regular basis with little hassle.

Princes Risborough Young Farmers Club

This site has since been rebuilt and cannot be viewed. See the new PRFYC entry above for details.

Princes Risborough Young Farmers Club is a youth club with a farming and countryside theme.

The site includes:

  • A dynamic picture gallery allowing users to view pictures full size and scroll through each section separately
  • A frame system which dramatically decreases loading times for each page
  • A form which allows users to join the club simply by filling in their details. The form is then sent to the PRYFC email address.

Princes Risborough YFC also have a content management system allowing multiple users to add news items to the site.