A lot of people, possibly you included, wonder why a website is a good idea. After all, youíve probably already got good promotional material such as leaflets, posters and adverts. However, those things all depend on you spending a lot of time, money and effort to be effective.

With a website, your business is accessible globally at the touch of a button. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Nowadays, more and more people are using the Internet as their first port of call when searching for a product or service because it is more convenient and saves them valuable time. They expect companies to have a website and if they donít find yours, they will find someone elseís instead and you wonít even get a look in.

Websites are quicker, easier and more cost-effective to update than print based media. You can have all sorts of information about your product including pictures, prices and details, the latest company information, maps to your outlet(s) and even promotional videos available for the world to see. A website plays an important role in your marketing strategy and shows the public that your company has planned for the future by securing its online presence today.

Imagine the scenario whereby a customer rings you requesting information on a product or service. There's only so much you can say over the telephone and delivering product information via postal services takes time. It would be great to say, "If you take a look at our website, I'm sure you'll find what you need there."

You would be surprised how many extra sales you could have by developing an online catalogue giving pricing information. Having a website also speeds up the time taken to react to customer queries, which can be done via email.

The top 10 advantages of having a website are:

  1. You can publicise your business, product or service to millions of potential customers and boost your sales.
  2. You can update your website with the latest products, news or prices much faster and cheaper than print based media. This saves communication and administration costs.
  3. You can carry a company theme through your advertising campaigns linking them to your website thus creating brand awareness.
  4. Your business can be active and publicising itself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  5. Your business has an extra outlet for taking orders.
  6. Content Management Systems can be put in place so that you can update any area of your website when you want, as often as you want. This gives you more control over the way your company operates.
  7. A website makes it easier for customers to do business with you when and where they want. Thereís more flexibility for them, which makes them more likely to deal with you.
  8. You can compete with other contemporary companies who are already on the web taking advantage of the customers you could be benefiting from.
  9. You can put your web address on your business card and promotional material to enhance your image.
  10. Customers have more confidence in and prefer doing business with companies that they know something about. Your website will provide them with all they need to know to feel that they have a connection to you.

The Internet is here to stay so act now and make use of this powerful opportunity for your business.